SwfL Happy Spot #3 Profile:
The Yuppy Puppy
405 Del Prado Blvd. N
Cape Coral, FL
(239) 673.8277

“Lucky The Dog Whisperer”

This next Happy Spot on our list made me bit nervous for one main reason: There were Puppies!!!

To us, of course, puppies are nothin’ to worry about, but to Lucky Cat, they might as well be “Godzilla in Fur.”  =)

Deciding to trust her ‘luckiness’ and the promise of 9 lives, I let Lucky roam free. The curious looks began right away…

…but they didn’t faze Lucky! She jumped right in to make some new furry friends!

The puppies seemed quite respectful, and so I relaxed and began to take a few portraits.

Then, suddenly in a flash of irresistible puppy curiosity, Lucky’s new friend gobbled her up!!!

I (quite cooly) proceeded to freak out:

“Lucky! Eaten alive!! Our whole adventure over before it’s barely even begun!!!”

Could this really be the end?

I immediately set the camera down to help my lil’ happiness partner…

…only to find her already helping herself!

There she was tellin’ this furry Godzilla that eating new friends is “really, not the best way to go about things.”

I knew lucky cats hold many tricks up their lil’ sleeves, but who woulda guessed they’re  proficient dog whisperers too?


Exactly what was said remains a mystery to me…

All I can tell you is one minute she’s being eaten alive, and the next she’s cha-cha-cha-ing away with a smile on her face.

And as for the pup? Well, I guess learning good manners is a tiresome thing.

By the time we left he was fast asleep!

Just goes to show you that Cesar Milan is right – when it comes to being a dog whisperer, size doesnt matter!


Thanks for the lesson Lucky Cat!

Where’s Lucky Cat?

At The Yuppy Puppy Dog Groomers & Boutique in Cape Coral, FL!

Congrats to the two winners of $50.00 gift certificates to Frame Gallery and Gifts in Cape Coral.

“That’s right pup, that’s the sweet smell of luck! Cha cha cha.”

Play. Slobber. Scratch. Sniff. Wrestle. Bark. Must. Chase. Ball!!!!!!!

Such is the life of a yuppy puppy!

From the moment you approach their front door, there’s no doubt about who is top dog at The Yuppy Puppy. “Please ring bell to enter,” reads their sign. Why? Because all pups here are roaming free! This is possibly the coolest thing about this shop – no cages. Roaming free is of such importance in fact, that half of their entire building is set-aside solely for this puppy-liscious playtime.

Skip (the owner), and Kerry (the go-to groomer) go above and beyond to spoil their furry four-legged clients. A few items on their groomer’s must have list?  All natural dog shampoos, quality dog food, rawhide bones, and enough squeaky toys to go around! Even their water is special – bottled, not tap.

If you’re afraid your pup might get a little too comfortable here and resistant to leave behind some of these luxurious amenities, The Yuppy Puppy’s got you covered there too. In their boutique section they offer a wide array of foods, chew toys, leashes, water bowls, and more. There’s even a few bedazzled dresses for the canine that prefers to walk around with a bit more pizzazz!

My favorite thing about The Yuppy Puppy, however, is Skip and Kerry’s enthusiasm for what they do here. “We make dogs look good,” Kerry says. “You can just see an attitude change in the dogs once they’re done. They’re happy! They prance!” Throw in a paw prints leash and a bedazzled dress, and what more could a puppy possibly ask for?  :-)            ~Kalon Lucia 2010

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