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SwfL Happy Spot #9 Profile:
Agora’s on First
2273 1st Street
Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 226.9004

Lucky gets into fabulous-ness!

Recently, while workin’ in the studio, Lucky spontaneously pipes up and says “Let’s make you Fabulous!”

Laughing out loud, I turned to ask her where she got this ‘fabulous!’ new idea from and found my answer in one quick look…

While most cats are content to simply sleep upon fashion magazines, Lucky (being the fierce female feline she is), loves to actually read them.

Apparently now that she’s become something of a local celebrity she wants to make sure those seen with her (meaning, me) are, at all times, a DO!


What is a DO? A DO is, quite simply, the opposite of a DONT!

In fashion, a DO is someone who does things that others wish to DO too. DO’s are hip, cool, and trend-a-liscious!

Which am I? At this point in time (and this point in my budget), I’d safely consider myself a MAYBE.

But as Lucky presented her case, (mentioning spontaneous TV interviews and the possibility of SWFL paparazzi…) I began to see her point. Maybe I should learn how to be a DO!

Word of mouth led us straight to a cozy lil’ boutique nestled in the brick coves that line First Street in DownTown Ft. Myers. Run by a 3-generational team of fashionistas (the lill’est one being an adorable 2 year old who wears heels better than most of us!), this Happy Spot was just bursting with fabulous-ness! Certainly these ladies could teach me the basics of being a DO!

As I chatted with owners Amanda & Becky, Lucky spotted a Happy Buddha friend and was inspired to seek her own fabulous-ness counsel…

after lighting some fabulous-ness candles…

she entered into a deep meditative state, asking Happy Buddha for fabulous-ness enlightenment…

What’d she come up with?  Umm… nothing. Ha! Have you seen Happy Buddha’s style? Not exactly this century coolness. But it was worth a try Lucky, good job!

What I learned is that ultimately, being a fabulous DO boils down to three things:

1) Fabulous accessories

2) Fabulous shoes… (or fabulous sandals!)

And  3)  A fabulous pair of jeans!

Dress ’em up with hot pink heels or dress ’em down with a boy’s white tee ~ either way, the perfect pair of jeans are a must have for any fashionista.

Of course, when it comes to lookin’ good, you must remember that

nothing beats a SMILE!!!

The one accessory that everyone can afford, it will ALWAYS make you shine like a Fabulous DO!!


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At Agora’s on First! Find out more here:

Congratulations to our winners who won a $25 gift certificate from this Happy Spot #9 and a $20 gift card for a fabulous new ‘do from GLO Hair Salon in Cape Coral

Follow Lucky, be lucky!


Lucky Cat makes her governmental debut…

A few weeks ago, Lucky Cat matter-of-factly informed me that “if this happiness movement is to be successful it must be made official, even if only unofficially so.”          X-)

So the calls were made and the meetings were set. On July 17, 2010 we met with SWFL Mayor #1, Mr. John Sullivan of Cape Coral. We presented him with our happiness mission and proposed a new idea: a Department of Happiness! He loved it and together we made it unofficially official ~ SWFL now has a fully functioning Department of Happiness, with Lucky as Head Kitty and myself as… well, whatever she needs me to be!

And today, August 3, 2010, we inducted a new member into this very special Department… the City of Ft. Myers Mayor Mr. Randy Henderson! He too is an enthusiastic advocate for community happiness and we are very excited to have him on board. Even more exciting is his big idea for Lucky: for her to be featured in February’s Edison Festival of Lights Parade!!! (More on this soon.)

As this happiness mission gains strength and speed, Lucky & I would like to send a big thank you out to YOU. It is YOUR support and happy energy that’s propelling this project forward. As the artist behind this ambitiously innovative Work of Art, it is my goal that the success of Lucky Cat is synonymous with the success of ourselves as a community. She has the magic to introduce change, but it is US who have the power to move it forward and make it stick. Thank you!  =)