Lucky Cat SWFL is a special work of art designed to propagate a simple yet important idea: that even in our down economy and struggling community, the level of happiness and prosperity that we enjoy is in our hands. We are more powerful and capable of affecting our shared situation than we give ourselves credit for. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder, a little bit of hope, and a little bit of lucky!

Created by Artist Kalon Lucia Baquero, Lucky Cat SWFL is an amplification of the traditional Japanese Lucky Cat, believed to welcome happiness and prosperity into any establishment it visits. Kalon Lucia has strengthened this belief to create a true lil’ ambassador of happiness and prosperity for SWFL.

For the duration of 2010, “Lucky Cat” will be spreading bits of happy to SWFL’s local people, local businesses, and local arts. Her main offerings will be thru her daily game “Where’s Lucky Cat?” in which she visits a local business, shares photos from her visit on her photo blog, and then bestows gift certificates and free goodies to those who are first to identify the name of the business she visited on that day.

Perhaps most interestingly, Lucky Cat SWFL is a prime example of the arts stepping into a new territory to impact the real world lives of everyday people. Artist Kalon Lucia specifically designed this work to offer a refreshingly new medium of marketing for local businesses, to generate funding for SWFL arts, and to create a positive thread of good energy to uplift, inspire, and strengthen our SWFL community.

“I’m so excited to have you join me on this lil’ art adventure, thank you for participating and I hope you enjoy!  :)”    ~ Kalon Lucia, 2010

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