SwfL Happy Spot #12 Profile:
Zia’s Gelato Cafe
inside the Wellness Center of Lee Medical Center
609 Southeast 13th Court
Cape Coral, FL
(239) 242.1116

Gelato Daydreams

Today’s prizes: Gift cards for free yummy delicious-ness from this Happy Spot #12! Just email your answer to wheresluckycat@gmail.com to enter  :)


Aaaand the adventure continues!

For the past few weeks Lucky & I have been jamming’ all around town, following your great Happy Spot leads and putting together the plans for

“Lucky Cat SWFL: Phase Two!”

Phase Two will include the unveiling of many more SWFL Happy Spots (and of course many more local give-aways!), the start of our LuckyCat HappyClub FanClub CLub activities, some curiously wonderful Lucky Cat Collaborative events, as well as some BIG public artworks that will bring happiness to the most unexpected corners of our community! (More on this soon!)

For now, let’s get on to Happy Spot #12!

After finalizing the plans for “Phase Two,” Lucky & I decided there was no better way to celebrate than to enjoy the yumminess found at this Cape Coral yummy spot. Now, to be sure, Happy Spot #12 has a wonderfully healthy and varied menu; full of sandwiches, wraps, coffees, and other treats. But Lucky & I were in such a celabratory mood, that… well… we got a little lost in the just desserts!


Stephanie (the ball of happy energy that is the owner) welcomed our appetites in the best way possible by saying: “This is your place. You can eat all you want and no one’s gonna judge you!”


As we sat down to enjoy our gelato Lucky Cat & I began to wonder,

What if enjoying a scoop of gelato meant…

mining for your own mixed-berries…

exploring frozen strawberry  caves…

jumping into mocha almond fudge rapids…

floating lazily on sugar cake cookies in pineapple ponds…

surfing swells of ginger snap bourbon caramel…

and scaling peanut butter and jelly flavored mountain tops ??


We think that would make for a very happy spot indeed.


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At Zia’s Gelato Cafe in Cape Coral!

Congratulation to the 4 lucky peeps who won gift cards for sweet gelato daydreams of their own at this Happy Spot #12!

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Oh Happy Day.