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Scrapbooking Goodies
1110 Del Prado Blvd. S. Suites C & D
Cape Coral, FL
(239) 458.0125
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Keepin’ Happy Memories Alive

A visit to the memory preservation headquarters!

From her stint as an art framer,

to almost gettin’ eaten alive,

to making new wilderness friends,

enjoying a salty healing massage,

and sniffin’ around an eyelid surgeon’s toolbox

there are  many moments that Lucky & I don’t ever want to forget!

So naturally, we decided our next stop had to be at our local “Memory Preservation” headquarters…

As soon as we walked thru their doors, Lucky went catnip crazzy! Whether it was all the yarn and ribbons or the sparklies, she couldn’t have been happier. So, I’ll let Lucky take it from here:

“Hi-ho! Where do I begin??  First, I investigated sparklies in a tube! Genious!”

“Then I found sparklies in a can! Even more genious!!

Now think Lucky…how can you get inside…

maybe I could… what’s that?? Endless spools of ribbon!!!!”

“Mreow! I love love love polka dot ribbons! Ooooooh, wait… Is that… Yarn. My. Size?!?!?”

“Purrrr…. that’s it! When can I move in??”

Where’s Lucky Cat?

At Scrapbooking Goodies in Cape Coral, FL!

Congratulations to Jill Walker-Larson & Alexa Lucille Bryant, who both found Lucky and won $20 gift certificates to Glo Salon in Cape Coral!

Happy Spot #6: Scrapbooking Goodies, Cape Coral FL

I’ve known for a while that Lucky Cat has friends in some pretty unusual places, but recently we received a letter that caught even me by surprise! I guess word got out that we were exploring the best methods of keeping memories…

“Dear Lucky,

Thank goodness someone is finally bringing to light the danger of not finding a proper place to keep ones memories. We, at the Shelter for Lost Memories, have long been overwhelmed with the large number of memories coming to us for a place to stay. I commend you for encouraging your friends to take a serious look at this very serious matter. Memories are silly little things, and left to their own devices they are easily lost!  We appreciate your help and look forward to the day when forgetfulness itself becomes a distant memory.

Sincerely, Mr. Remi Nisce

Director, The Shelter for Lost Memories”

Who knew that’s where our lost memories end up? Makes me veerry curious to pay them a visit… but in the meantime, we’re going to make Mr. Remi happy by sharing one of the best ways to keep your memories where they belong: with YOU.

Ahem. Let me introduce you to… Scrapbooking!

What is Scrapbooking? Essentially, it is the process of creating books (a.k.a. homes) for your memories. With scrapbooks, not only can you organize, store, and recall all those happy & heartfelt memories you don’t ever want to forget, you can also cover them with glitter and show them off to your friends!

Accessorized memories, how awesome is that?

In our search for the best scrapbookers in town, local advice led us to the mother/daughter team at Scrapbooking Goodies in Cape Coral. Pam and Teresa boast one of the biggest selections of “scrapbooking goodies” to be found in SWFL. Every inch of wall (and much of the floor space) is covered with buttons, bows, stamps, stencils, stickers, glitter, ribbons, and paper backgrounds for topics ranging from Cupcakes to Bar Mitzvahs and everything in between.

To be sure, this huge selection can be both inspiring and overwhelming! Luckily, Scrapbooking Goodies also offers workshops, classes, and something called “open crop,” (an open space in their shop for you to spread out, use their tools, and get messy!). Teresa and Pam make it easy for you to find your scrapbooking stride, as they are friendly, welcoming, and treat your memories as importantly as they treat their own.  Their events will connect you with memory keepers from all skills levels and ages (kids have classes too!) and will provide endless memory-keeping inspiration.

As Mr. Remi said, “Memories are silly little things, and left to their own devices tend to get lost.” Don’t let yours wander away. Get on over to Scrapbooking Goodies and make em’ a nice lil’ home they’ll never want to leave!  ~ Kalon Lucia, 2010

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