SwfL Happy Spot #5 Profile:
The Eyelid Surgery Center
860 111th Avenue North, Suite 7
Naples, FL
(239) 596.1522

A friendly trip to our local Oculoplastic Opthalmologist

Ever wonder what’s inside the tool box of an Eyelid Surgeon?

Me neither!  X-)

But as it turns out, they’ve got a uniquely helpful lil’ bag of tools. Without ’em, many people would continue to suffer from an array of eyelid ailments that, prior to Lucky’s visit, I never knew existed. Thank goodness these guys already had it covered!

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in our local Oculoplastic Ophthalmologist’s office:

(A side note: ‘Eyelid Surgeon’ might be easier to say, but Oculoplastic Ophthalmologist just oozes scientific coolness. Impress your friends by working it into everyday conversation.)

O.O. Tool #1: A “Bovie.”

A Bovie (bow-vee) is an oxymoron of a machine.

It heals as it cuts and cuts as it heals!

If you find yourself at it’s mercy, don’t worry. Just think of it as a “friendly laser.”

O.O. Tool #2: Pathology Requisition Forms

A documentary document used to document the types of things that must be documented.

O.O. Tool #3: Eye Drops

Some used to numb, some used to wet…ALL intended “for topical ophthalmic use only.” No drinking, bathing, or applying them to your paws, got it Lucky?

And O.O. Tool #4: Surgeon’s Loops.

Magnifying glasses too powerful to be called glasses. Hence the spiffy name, Loops.

Lucky fell in love with the Loops, and their ability to make tiny things look huge..

I suppose if I was only 3/4 of an inch tall, I’d have fallen in love with them too!


So there you have it! The tools of our local Eyelid Surgeon.

I mean… the tools of our local Ock-q-low-plastic Op-tha-mall-o-gist!

Ahh, I feel smarter already.

Where’s Lucky Cat?

At the Eyelid Surgery Center in Fort Myers, FL!

Congrats to Cheryl Ferrara, who found Lucky and won a $25 movie theater gift card.

The eyes… are the windows to the soul… the jewels of the body… an endless ocean, and I am lost at sea…

Ah yes, the eyes. Amazing jewel colored windows leading towards other worlds… but what, I ask you, about their trusty partners, the eyelids? Where are their accolades and appreciative poems? They are, after all, two of the most important lil’ bits of skin we have. Imagine, for a moment, a world without them…


No sleeping! (There goes Lucky Cat’s favorite pastime.)

No eye rolling! (How will teenagers ever express their contempt?)

No squinting! (How will weconvince ourselves we’re seeing farther than before?)


No winking! (Shamelessly flirting will never be the same.)

And need I mention? We’d be living in a world full of non-blinking, endlessly staring, googly eyes! Creeeepy…

It’s true, the eyes are nothing without their peeper keepers. Therefore, it’s best to know someone who can help keep ‘em in top shape! Dr. Larson of the Eyelid Surgery Centers in Naples and Ft. Myers is a specialist who’s spent over 34 years making sure eyelids’ needs are covered so that they, in turn, can keep on coverin.’ Drooping eyelids, loosened eyelids, cancerous eyelids, and aging eyelids can all find relief from Dr. Larson and his specially trained staff. With an impressive 15 years of exclusive education, and nearly 20 years of surgical practice, he’s happy to bring his patients better eyesight, eye health and improved cosmetic appearance.

How do you know if your eyelids would benefit from a visit? Ask yourself these 3 questions: Can you see your eyelids? Do you need to raise your eyebrows to see more clearly? Do you have trouble seeing beside you without turning your head left or right? If so, then you might head in for one of their free eyelid screenings.

From calming waiting room aquariums to free taxi rides, the team at the Eyelid Surgery Center is proud to treat you and your eyelids like royalty. So if your peeper keepers are ever in need of some tlc, get ‘em on over to Happy Spot #5, where they’re committed to spreading happiness one eyelid at a time!

~ Kalon Lucia, 2010


To learn more about Dr. Larson and the Eyelid Surgery Center, please visit their website:


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A lil’ ode to eyelids:

“Oh what a glorious gift thine world has given to me,

That tirelessly protects my ability to see!

So enamored am I with my eyelids’ dexterity,

That it’s become my greatest joy to pass out winks for free!”