SWFL Happy Spot #1 Profile:
Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
Six-Mile Cypress Parkway, Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 533.7550
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In honor of Earth Day 2010


Lucky the Brave, explorer of all things wild!

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Yumm…this calls for a closer inspection…

Oh my!! You’re MUCH bigger than expected!


Run Awaayyy!!!!


Cha-cha-cha, It’s good  to be a Lucky Cat.  =)


Ahhh, so much nature to discover, and such little feet to take me there…


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At the Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve!

Congrats to Madison Mitchell from Ft. Myers, who won 2 tickets to the Cultural Park Theater in Cape Coral  =)

Lucky in a local Virginia Chain Fern (Woodwardia Virginica)

“Close to the city but a world all it’s own…” -Wilma Keidel, Volunteer

“Oh Wilma is right! It is a gorgeous place. In honor of Earth Day, I committed to journeying thru 10 whole feet of native Florida! A loong trek I know, but I was determined to discover new species of interesting plants… and perhaps even a few crawlies… mmm yum yum…” ~ Lucky

What is the 6 Mile Cypress Slough Preserve?

It is a giver of clean water,

An oasis of quiet,

And an inspiring place to refresh, regroup and renew…

Perhaps one of our most important local areas, the Slough Preserve is much more than the swampy clump of trees it looks to be. It is in fact a 2,500-acre wetland that is consistently working hard to support the health of our community!

Never asking for a paycheck, the Slough happily filters, purifies and drains a sizeable amount of our SWFL water. Here’s how it works: “The lush plant life in the Slough cleans the water by absorbing pollutants (such as pesticides) from the water, while at the same time slowing the flow and allowing sediments to settle out. The Slough also deters flooding by retaining storm water that will eventually filter into the ground to replenish the ground water and recharge shallow wells.” Isn’t nature amazing?

In addition to this full time filterin’ job, the 6 Mile Cypress Slough provides free 5-star lodging to at least 10 different species of endangered plants and animals, as well as a safe and indispensable refueling rest stop for many of our migrating birds species.

But wait! There’s more?! The slough is also a generous sponsor of new aquatic life and delicious seafood dinners… Via a series of canals and creeks the fresh and oh so clean waters of the Slough connect and mix with the salt water of the Gulf of Mexico to create an estuary. This is a very fragile ecosystem that serves as a nursery for baby fish and other budding sea life, without which many of our beloved sea species would go extinct.

Seems to me that in an economy like ours, the generous environment and people of the 6-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve deserve to be supported and celebrated! Take some time on your next day off to explore this special lil’ treasure of SWFL. Bring your kids, your friends, and your curious spirit! Admittance is free, parking is $1, and informative tours are offered year round.

If nothing else, come to experience what volunteer Carolyn Babb discovered about the Slough years ago – peaceful inspiration to survive the craziness of the world around us. And who couldn’t benefit from more of that?

~ Artist Kalon Lucia Baquero, 2010

“Breakfast for a year!! No, no. The world needs baby Snapping Turtles more than I need eggs!”

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