"A Lucky Mentality"

~ Note from the Artist ~

Just before this new “game” begins, I’m happy to take a moment to welcome all of Lucky’s followers.

You are priceless and you are the energy that is moving this project forward! You are all living proof that Happiness and Luck CAN be cultivated, grown, and multiplied.

Call me crazy, but even though I am the creator and designer of this project, Lucky Cat has taken control! I feel like a mad scientist who said “Give me life! Luck! and Happiness!” and now my creation has taken on a life of its own.  =) I am truly journeying along with you, allowing art and life to lead me and inform me on whatever I need to do to fulfill this project’s goal of becoming a powerful resource of SWFL happiness.

So what is “Lucky Cat SWFL” exactly?  Today I choose to describe it as this:

It is an alternate reality for SWFL ~ One in which our best friend is a happy lil’ cat and where positivity reigns, great people exist, and good things are happening. In this world we are constantly discovering things that make us feel excited to be alive, right here, right now.

Within Lucky Cat’s world, we are not limited by our economy. Instead we are empowered by our ability to react and adapt to the needs of our times. In this world, we are awesome and we are powerful.

The best part of this alternate reality? Unlike that of a video game, we do not need to sign off,  sigh, and enter the “real” world… “Lucky Cat SWFL” IS our real world. The places she visits and shares with you exist in our neighborhoods and are open for you to enjoy and visit them too. The prizes are not “magic coins,” they are dinners at esteemed local restaurants, tickets to local movies and plays, gift cards to local shops. And the players are not made up, they are living and breathing and contributing to our lives endlessly and everyday.

The positive results that this project is bringing about are felt not only within Lucky Cat’s world, they are felt throughout our real world and our entire community. THIS is the magic of art & life working together. You and your continued support are making all of this possible, and so I sincerely thank you. Thank you thankyou!!     :-)

And now that you are properly thanked, Let’s Begin!!! Lucky and I have so many cool places to show you and awesome prizes to give away! Follow along, and please ~ keep this positive thread growing by sharing Lucky Cat with all your friends and family! Even the grumpy ones! They probably need Lucky the most. =^-^=

Thank you again,

Kalon Lucia Baquero, 2010