Wow, Lucky Cat & I have certainly been busy busy busy these last few months! We’ve been workin’ hard to sniff out and track down only the happiest of SWFL places & spaces, and can’t wait to share them all with you!

Here’s a sneak peek of the many types of happiness we’ll be unveiling soon in our luckyhappy game  “Where’s Lucky Cat?” ~

Bunches and bunches of brilliantly colorful (and very good smelling) happiness…


Healthy & healing mind-body-and-soul happiness!


Music lovin’ hidden gem of a community coffee shop happiness!


Seriously can’t wait till summer comes cause I found the perfect bathing suit happiness!


Under the sea shiny treasures of happiness!


Lovingly preserved (and decidedly stylish) 1920’s happiness!


The world is beautiful, especially when we work together happiness!

aaaand much more!

Imagine, all of this existing right here in Southwest Florida…

a lucky place to be, indeed.



For more about this positive project by Artist Kalon Lucia, please visit:

SwfL Happy Spot #12 Profile:
Zia’s Gelato Cafe
inside the Wellness Center of Lee Medical Center
609 Southeast 13th Court
Cape Coral, FL
(239) 242.1116

Gelato Daydreams

Today’s prizes: Gift cards for free yummy delicious-ness from this Happy Spot #12! Just email your answer to to enter  :)


Aaaand the adventure continues!

For the past few weeks Lucky & I have been jamming’ all around town, following your great Happy Spot leads and putting together the plans for

“Lucky Cat SWFL: Phase Two!”

Phase Two will include the unveiling of many more SWFL Happy Spots (and of course many more local give-aways!), the start of our LuckyCat HappyClub FanClub CLub activities, some curiously wonderful Lucky Cat Collaborative events, as well as some BIG public artworks that will bring happiness to the most unexpected corners of our community! (More on this soon!)

For now, let’s get on to Happy Spot #12!

After finalizing the plans for “Phase Two,” Lucky & I decided there was no better way to celebrate than to enjoy the yumminess found at this Cape Coral yummy spot. Now, to be sure, Happy Spot #12 has a wonderfully healthy and varied menu; full of sandwiches, wraps, coffees, and other treats. But Lucky & I were in such a celabratory mood, that… well… we got a little lost in the just desserts!


Stephanie (the ball of happy energy that is the owner) welcomed our appetites in the best way possible by saying: “This is your place. You can eat all you want and no one’s gonna judge you!”


As we sat down to enjoy our gelato Lucky Cat & I began to wonder,

What if enjoying a scoop of gelato meant…

mining for your own mixed-berries…

exploring frozen strawberry  caves…

jumping into mocha almond fudge rapids…

floating lazily on sugar cake cookies in pineapple ponds…

surfing swells of ginger snap bourbon caramel…

and scaling peanut butter and jelly flavored mountain tops ??


We think that would make for a very happy spot indeed.


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At Zia’s Gelato Cafe in Cape Coral!

Congratulation to the 4 lucky peeps who won gift cards for sweet gelato daydreams of their own at this Happy Spot #12!

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Oh Happy Day.


Winners!!! Congratulations to Angie Snyder & Zachari VanDyne who found Lucky Cat at the daas gallery in DownTown Ft. Myers, Florida. For each of you we have a $10 gift certificate towards some handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry or larger artworks of your own! The art adorning the walls at daas is always changing, and the gallery also participates in the fantastic downtown ArtWalk event on the first friday of every month. Follow daas on facebook to stay in the know ~ click here: daas on facebook.

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And don’t forget to spread the word friends, because it’s YOUR happy energy that’s propelling this happiness project forward. Lucky and I thank you sincerely for playin’ along and supporting the happy!

SwfL Happy Spot #11 Profile:
Daas Gallery
1542 Broadway St.
Fort Myers, FL
(239) 939.1194
For more info: Website

Lucky, Our Downtown Art Enthusiast

The wonderful thing about ‘word,’ is that it gets around! And for a mew as tiny as Lucky’s, that’s pretty impressive…

Recently, Lucky was invited by FOX-4 News to meow about something very close to her heart, LOCAL ART!

Even better was the suggestion from Reporter Matt Grant that it be about our happy, wonderful, created-by-artists-from-our-own-town variety. Of course, Lucky pounced on this opportunity without a second thought!

Here’s how her big screen correspondent gig went down…


It began with some chill time with the gallery crew before the shoot.

And before you knew it, it was time for…


And just like that, Lucky transformed an official Art Critic.

“This piece by David Acevedo is simply titled: ‘Life.’ This is a work commenting on transition and on the ever changing stages we go through… of how we keep growing up, tier after tier, adding chapter after chapter to this book we call ‘Life!’ And did I mention that it is GLORIOUSLY orange? Could there BE a happier color? I think not.”

“Here we have Micro-Mosaics. (Although, I’d contest that ‘micro’ is all relative!) These wearable works are offering a nice dose of culture to fingers all over SWFL. Beautiful and one-of-a-kind, these rings are handmade by Artist Eve Lynch. Also, they are sparkly. And sparkly is wonderful. Perhaps when we are done you can hold this up to the light?? And we can play CHASE THE REFLECTION?!?!!  What? Oh yes, we are still filming…”

“On to the next piece! Here we have another work by Artist David Acevedo. Part of a larger series, this one is titled ‘Over my Head’ and is…  Hmmm… does this gig provide lunch?  Suddenly I’m hung-a-ry…”

And after a short lunch break, filming resumed…

“Ah yes, this is one from Artist Troy Thomas! I’m particularly fond of this circle series… round and round they go, these geometric landscapes bring to mind my younger tail chasing days… several hundred years of kitty pastime captured in an abstract piece. Bravo Troy!”

Aaaandddd CUT!  That’s a wrap Lucky!


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At daas Gallery in Downtown Ft. Myers!

To learn more about this Happy Spot #11, please visit:

Congrats to winners Angie Snyder & Zachari VanDyne, who found me and won $10 gift certificates towards unique jewelry, prints, and artistic creations from Happy Spot #11!

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Thank you FOX-4 and Matt Grant for the great bit of coverage!

See the actual news story here:

Winners!!! Congratulations to Amber Spencer & Sarah Ewell who found Lucky Cat at the Potomac Bead Co. in DownTown Ft. Myers, Florida. For each of you we have a $25 gift certificate towards finding some purrrfect lucky charms of your own! Potomac also offers a great mix of classes and workshops that will help you turn those lucky charms into lucky bracelets, necklaces, earring, or whatever else you can dream up! WooHoo!!

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SwfL Happy Spot #10 Profile:
Potomac Bead Company
2252 1st Street
Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 337.9900

Beads, Lorenzo, and an Army of Frogs…


Happy Spot #9 was all about human fabulous-ness, but what about that of the feline sort?

Shortly after our last blog posting, a facebook friend of Lucky Cat’s shared a glorious discovery:

Lorenzo, the best dressed cat in all of Florida!


(Click here for more about Lorenzo!)

Now, Lucky’s not that into fashion and flash, but when she learned that Lorenzo’s (and his photographer friend Joann Biondi’s) big goal is to help spread smiles, she let out a purrrr of admiration.

Immediately, she started brainstorming ways to say thanks to this fellow happy cat, (while I sat back in relief, happy to know I’m not the only one who’s life is dictated by a spirited feline!) Taking the advice we recieved from Agora on First to heart, Lucky decided what Lorenzo needed was a fabulous accessory, a ‘lucky’ charm of sorts. We headed straight to our next downtown Happy Spot to get some ideas as to what this charm might be!

Hmmm…. sunshine yellow swarovski crystal beads… maaaybe not manly enough Lucky!

Haha nice, but still not quite right…  X-)

Oh dear. There is so much to look at! If we’re going to find this special charm today, I think we’re going to need some helppp!!


And it was at that moment that, seemingly out of nowhere, this lil’ guy approached and offered up 3 words:

“Army.  of.  Frogs.”


He said if anyone could help us find the right lucky charm, it’d be them. They know this Happy Spot like the back of their hand. flipper. webbed foot? Anyway, he pointed us to the back of the shop and lo and behold, there they were…



An army of frogs!!  X-)

Lucky told them all about Lorenzo and what she had in mind, and they hung on every word. After talking amongst themselves for a moment, they took off! And in no time, we had exactly what we needed…

Oriental fish! ~ The purrrfect lucky charm, from one happy cat to another!


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At Potomac Bead Company in Ft. Myers, FL!

To learn more about this Happy Spot #10, click here:

Congratulations to Sarah Ewell & Amber Spencer, who found lucky and won $25 gift certificates towards some lucky charms of their own!

Thank you all very much for playing.

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Winners!!! Congratulations to Annie Sheehan & Jamie Ayres who found Lucky Cat at Agora on First in DownTown Ft. Myers, Florida. For one of you we have a $25 gift certificate towards fabulous new fashions from Agora on First, and for the other we have a $20 gift card towards a fabulous new hair cut or color from GLO Salon! Woo!

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Spread the word friends, because it’s YOUR happy energy that’s propelling this happiness project forward, and Lucky and I thank you sincerely for playin’ along and supporting our mission!


SwfL Happy Spot #9 Profile:
Agora’s on First
2273 1st Street
Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 226.9004

Lucky gets into fabulous-ness!

Recently, while workin’ in the studio, Lucky spontaneously pipes up and says “Let’s make you Fabulous!”

Laughing out loud, I turned to ask her where she got this ‘fabulous!’ new idea from and found my answer in one quick look…

While most cats are content to simply sleep upon fashion magazines, Lucky (being the fierce female feline she is), loves to actually read them.

Apparently now that she’s become something of a local celebrity she wants to make sure those seen with her (meaning, me) are, at all times, a DO!


What is a DO? A DO is, quite simply, the opposite of a DONT!

In fashion, a DO is someone who does things that others wish to DO too. DO’s are hip, cool, and trend-a-liscious!

Which am I? At this point in time (and this point in my budget), I’d safely consider myself a MAYBE.

But as Lucky presented her case, (mentioning spontaneous TV interviews and the possibility of SWFL paparazzi…) I began to see her point. Maybe I should learn how to be a DO!

Word of mouth led us straight to a cozy lil’ boutique nestled in the brick coves that line First Street in DownTown Ft. Myers. Run by a 3-generational team of fashionistas (the lill’est one being an adorable 2 year old who wears heels better than most of us!), this Happy Spot was just bursting with fabulous-ness! Certainly these ladies could teach me the basics of being a DO!

As I chatted with owners Amanda & Becky, Lucky spotted a Happy Buddha friend and was inspired to seek her own fabulous-ness counsel…

after lighting some fabulous-ness candles…

she entered into a deep meditative state, asking Happy Buddha for fabulous-ness enlightenment…

What’d she come up with?  Umm… nothing. Ha! Have you seen Happy Buddha’s style? Not exactly this century coolness. But it was worth a try Lucky, good job!

What I learned is that ultimately, being a fabulous DO boils down to three things:

1) Fabulous accessories

2) Fabulous shoes… (or fabulous sandals!)

And  3)  A fabulous pair of jeans!

Dress ’em up with hot pink heels or dress ’em down with a boy’s white tee ~ either way, the perfect pair of jeans are a must have for any fashionista.

Of course, when it comes to lookin’ good, you must remember that

nothing beats a SMILE!!!

The one accessory that everyone can afford, it will ALWAYS make you shine like a Fabulous DO!!


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At Agora’s on First! Find out more here:

Congratulations to our winners who won a $25 gift certificate from this Happy Spot #9 and a $20 gift card for a fabulous new ‘do from GLO Hair Salon in Cape Coral

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Happenings gets happy!

“That was one sweet ride.”

Lucky & I would like to say a BIG thank you to Jamie and our local Happenings Magazine!  In their August issue you’ll find a wonderful lil’ Lucky-sized       feature-ette (literally ~ I had a laugh when I realized the printed photo was practically to scale!)

August Issue, Page 27, River District section.

There’s still plenty of time to grab a copy for yourself! Visit this link for locations:

** Happenings A&E Magazine is the definitive monthly Southwest Florida guide to Arts & Entertainment in Lee, Collier & Charlotte counties. It is the local event magazine for people who are Out & About. An award-winning tabloid news magazine, it features information and photos of current, upcoming theatrical & entertainment productions, art exhibits, concerts, live performance previews, restaurant information, articles & photos.

Thank you again Happenings, for supportin’ the happy!!


SwfL Happy Spot #8 Profile:
Main St. Antiques
2229 Main St.
Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 689.6246
Find Main St. Antiques on Facebook

Not Your Grandma’s Antique Store

Actually, I guess it really depends on just who your grandma is!

If she was a 50’s rebel woman or a 60’s flower child, if she had Disco fever or lived only for Pucci’s next print… then yeah, you got us: This IS your grandma’s antique store!!!  :D

As soon as you enter this Happy Spot, it packs a big, bright, funky-punky punch. The aged awesomeness seems endless as it lines every available wall, floor, and ceiling space!

Lucky Cat, who herself is over 2 centuries old, felt an immediate kinship with these much loved items of antiquity. She mentioned that, much like her, each item here has a history… a hidden story that makes it all the more lovable!!

And with that, Lucky padded off  to get to know as much of this Happy Spot as possible…

I found her journeying through poppy fields of polyester…

dreaming cozy colorful dreams…

and eying curious little buttons.

( Luuucky… That’s vintage buttonry, don’t even think about it!!)


After a hilarious scare in the “vintage vinyl” section (which Lucky requests I don’t elaborate on)…

heehee X-)

she took a quick look through randomly random people of the past,

and then hopped onto a camel (really?) to set off in search of this Happy Spot’s very own legendary feline!

It didn’t take long to find who she was looking for (she had apparently chosen a very knowledgeable camel) and after a short introduction these two mewed on and on for hours… I guess over 2 centuries of living probably does give her lots to talk about!

When the conversation finally wore down, Lucky’s new friend sent her off in search of somethin’ pretty cool…

…a Lucky-sized mint condition Model-T!

Next thing I know, Lucky’s zooming off again in a new direction. In this endless treasure chest of a place, I can’t wait to see what she comes across next!


Where’s Lucky Cat?

At Main St. Antiques in DownTown Ft. Myers!!

Visit their facebook page here:

Congrats to Wende of Ft. Myers and Josh of Cape Coral,who each won a $25 gift certificate good for their own selection of vintage treasures from Main St. Antiques!

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